‘Groovy’ and ‘Deeply Groovy’: The Audiophile Man reviews Transfiguration cartridges

Described as “the world’s most  musically natural phono cartridges,” Japanese Transfiguration have had all three of the models in their small but stunningly crafted range put to the test by reviewer Paul Rigby, aka The Audiophile Man.

Both the top-of-range Proteus and mid-range Phoenix S scored a ‘Groovy’ award, while the lower-priced Axia S earned a ‘Deeply Groovy’.

“In ultimate terms, of course, the company’s Phoenix and Proteus cartridges offer superior sound quality for obvious budget and design reasons but, somehow, with the Axia S, the company has succeeded in hitting a perfect price point/performance blend. Incredibly, then, I see the Axia S as the best Transfiguration cartridge in the range and one of the best designs in its price range currently for sale on the market,” concludes Rigby.

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