Exposure adds DSD to 2010S2 DAC


Exposure Electronics has just announced an upgrade to the 2010S2 DAC, enabling it to handle DSD music files.

The 2010S2 DAC is an affordable digital-to-analogue converter with excellent, engaging musicality and a surprisingly un-digital sound. The new upgraded edition, available now, is able to handle single-rate DSD (DSD x64 or DSD 2.8 mHz) through the USB input, as well as PCM support up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

There are also three coaxial and two optical inputs, all capable of handling files up to 192 kHz. The former are of the BNC variety, giving a better connection than the usual RCA type.

Further key features include:

  • Multiple stages of regulation for SPDIF input receiver, USB input, clock oscillator, DAC and output stage for accurate output.
  • Very clean master clock to SPDIF input receiver and USB input to ensure low jitter operation.
  • Discrete filter and output stage for optimum performance (no op-amp ICs).
  • Digital output can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ (and is re-timed) to reduce the jitter level as compared to SPDIF input. This function can also be used to convert USB input to SPDIF output.
  • Headphone output.
  • Remote control.

Available in either titanium or black, the 2010S2 DSD DAC features all-aluminium casework and Exposure’s trademark sleek, minimalist design.

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PRESS RELEASE Exposure adds DSD to 2010S2 DAC

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