What Hi-Fi turntable special: Clearaudio Concept comes out on top (again!)

The August 2016 issue of What Hi-Fi features a ‘turntable special’, with “decks for every budget, from £120 to £1,700.”

Leading the pack is Clearaudio’s Concept, the only ‘table to scoop the full five stars across every rating. And not for the first time, since the Concept has already bagged a veritable glut of What Hi-Fi awards in recent years.

“If you’re not familiar with the Clearaudio Concept turntable by now, the ‘concept’ part of that is essentially getting the most exceptional sound you can from your records at this price,” says the latest review. “Anyone who treasures their stack of vinyl deserves to know just what delights the Clearaudio has to offer.”

Read the full story in What Hi-Fi’s turntable special in the August 2016 issue

Find out more about the Clearaudio Concept at http://clearaudio.de/en

For details of local dealers contact Clearaudio UK distributor, Sound Fowndations

Clearaudio Concept MC turntable package
Clearaudio Concept MC turntable package