“It couldn’t be better”: Hi-Fi World reviews the Timestep EVOke turntable

Devon-based Timestep is well-known for its intelligent (and fully sanctioned) modifications of various iconic Technics turntables. Hi-Fi World editor Noel Keywood takes the company’s latest deck, an upgraded edition of Technics’ new SL-1200 GAE, for a spin.

Technics recently introduced the SL-1200 GAE direct drive turntable as a replacement for their renowned SL-1210 Mk2. Timestep’s upgraded version, the EVOke, swaps the “fairly standard” tonearm with a far more interesting partnership: Audio Technica’s AT33PTG/II moving coil cartridge with gold-plated solid boron cantilever mounted in a tapered magnesium SME IV arm, embellished by gold attachment screws and finger lift.

Timestep EVOke turntable
Timestep EVOke turntable

The other key upgrade is to the power supply. The EVOke replaces the SL-1200 GAE’s internal switch-mode with an external linear supply, housed in attractive metal case and custom-designed by Timestep “to avoid possible interference into a sensitive pickup cartridge… and lessen noise”.

“I started listening with a suitable named track: Time,” writes Keywood. “This old fave from the Floyd announced itself by the sudden entrance of the alarm clock, centre stage. It kicked in with rifle bolt speed, making me jump a little. I could sense straight away that nothing was going to slow this turntable.”

But would the measurements back up that sense? Conclusively, as it turns out. “The Timestep EVOke SL-1200 GAE delivered a measured performance unrivalled by most else in terms of speed stability.”

Hi-Fi-World-September-2016Overall verdict? An outstanding product, earning the full five stars. “A turntable of fabulous performance in all areas, and also one that looks magnificent and is easy to use. It couldn’t be better.”

Read the full review in the September 2016 issue of Hi-Fi World

Find out more about the Timestep EVOke from Sound Hi-Fi, Timestep’s Dartmouth-based sister distributor/retailer.