“A fantastic solution”: Furutech’s SK-Filter among Hi-Fi Choice’s pick of six accessories for fine-tuning your sound

“Try before you buy” is the wise advice from Hi-Fi Choice when it comes to choosing from the “astonishing array” of hi-fi upgrades and accessories now available to the ardent audiophile. In the July issue, the magazine recommends six of the best add-ons “to take the performance of your system to the next level”.

From racks to platforms, cables to pucks and filters to cleaners, there’s no shortage of products available that promise to unleash the full potential of your hi-fi system. The wealth of options on offer will set you back anything from a few pounds to a few thousands of pounds. So how do you separate the stars from the snake oil and find your perfect sonic upgrade?

The July issue of Hi-Fi Choice has a few recommendations. Six, to be precise, including the SK-Filter from Japanese cable and accessories experts Furutech.

Furutech SK-Filter

Designed specifically for vinyl lovers, the SK-Filter gets straight to work on eliminating one of the key enemies of listening nirvana: static.

Fact: as a record spins, friction with the air causes a build-up of static which can amount to as much as 3-20kV. “Enter Furutech’s SK-Filter, which is designed to solve this problem by discharging static electricity into the air using a delicate comb of material that is positioned a millimetre of two above the record’s surface.” The comb (or brush, as Furutech refer to it) uses a unique patented material called Thunderon, comprising a very fine acrylic fibre chemically bonded with copper sulphide.

Usage is effortless. Simply place the supplied stand alongside the platter and rotate the brush into position. The weighty base keeps everything firmly anchored and the height of the brush is easily adjustable.

Furutech SK-Filter in use

“When it comes to keeping static and dust at bay on your vinyl, this is a fantastic solution,” reports Hi-Fi Choice, having put the SK-Filter to the test. “Some subtle, static-induced crackling when playing an unmodulated part of a record groove disappears completely once we swing the brush into position… very effective.”

Discover more about the Furutech SK-Filter.

To try out the SK-Filter for yourself, find your nearest Furutech dealer via UK distributor Sound Fowndations.


Read the short review of the Furutech SK-Filter along with five other recommended accessories in the July 2017 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.