“Well-rounded winner”: Nick Tate highly commends Sansonic’s MB-5 loudspeaker in Hi-Fi news

Always coveted the stunning sound of Danish loudspeaker legend Raidho, but lacked the requisite budget? Sister company Scansonic HD shares ‘DNA’ and a designer, Michael Borresen, with the prestigious brand. Nick Tate takes their attractively-priced £5,799 MB-5 for a test drive for Hi-Fi News.

“It’s a hard life being a £6,000 loudspeaker,” says Tate in the introduction to his review. “Competition is tough, both from more budget brands doing their cost-no-object flagships, and high-end marques making entry-level designs. In short, six grand speakers risk being run over from both sides of the road…” So how will the MB-5 hold up?

Scansonic HD is the sister brand of renowned Danish loudspeaker specialist Raidho, and the MB-5 compact 2.5-way floorstander is made by the very same team. Inside and out, you’ll find a strong family resemblance such as in the sealed ribbon tweeter and slender front baffle. In addition to the ribbon tweeter, it features four 4.5” carbon-coned drivers: two midrange units and two woofers. The two midrange drivers are run in series for greater and more dynamic power handling. In all five drivers there’s ample evidence of Raidho trickle-down technology, as well as in the cabinet’s construction.

Scansonic MB-5

The result, says Tate, is a seamless, well-rounded performance. “Some £6,000 loudspeakers set out to do amazing things and only partially succeed – if at all – whereas the Scansonic MB-5 goes instead for a more accomplished all-round sound… it’s designed to let the music speak for itself – and this is how it works so well.”

“There’s no sense that it ever overreaches itself, nor does it shine in one resect and fail in others. This speaker sounds impressively seamless and you’re never aware of the multitude of drive units doing their job. All is calm, easy, effortless and as a result – highly satisfying.”

Read Nick Tate’s full review in the August 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

Discover more about the Scansonic HD range at http://scansonichd.dk

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