Superb Raidho D-2.1 floorstander to make UK debut at The Hi-Fi Show Live 2017


Last year’s Hi-Fi Show Live featured the exclusive UK launch of renowned Danish loudspeaker brand Raidho’s first-class compact standmount, the D-1.1. This year’s show promises an even bigger treat: enter the D-2.1 floorstander.

The Raidho D-2.1 is a 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker with two Raidho diamond drivers and one Raidho ribbon tweeter.

Let’s start with the latter, since the ribbon tweeter is where Raidho’s remarkable journey originally began: with the brilliant invention of a unique sealed ribbon tweeter that employs an array of neodymium magnets to create an extremely powerful force field in which an ultra thin membrane is suspended. From the outset, its performance was spectacular but initially it posed a conundrum. It was so responsive and dynamic that integration with conventional midrange and bass drivers proved tricky. So Raidho addressed the problem in typically daring Raidho fashion, by envisaging their own midrange and bass drivers that would be anything but conventional.

The brand’s now-classic C Series sports stunningly conceived Ceramix drivers featuring aluminum-oxide ceramic diaphragms and Raidho’s patented neodymium magnet system. In the D Series, D stands for diamond. Specifically, Raidho’s Cutting Edge Diamond Technology, in which the development of extremely costly diamond/carbonite diaphragms has necessitated a complete reinvention of production processes, in collaboration with the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Laboratory at the Danish Technological Institute’s state-of-the-art Tribology Centre.

The advantage of diamond lies of course in the fact that it enables the creation of a diaphragm that is harder and stiffer than those made from any other material, allowing them to remain linear and distortion-free up to a much higher frequency. The perfect complement, then, to the ultra-dynamic Raidho ribbon tweeter.

The results are quite simply breathtaking and the Raidho room has often been one of the most anticipated at several of the world’s leading audio shows.

But if the superb sound of Raidho is beyond your present budget, don’t despair, since sister brand Scansonic’s fabulously affordable Raidho-inspired ‘HD’ range will also be on show by Decent Audio, the exclusive UK distributor of both brands. Join us!

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