“A conceptual masterpiece”: Clearaudio’s Concept deck comes out on top yet again in What Hi-Fi?’s latest group test

“If you’re not familiar with the Clearaudio Concept turntable by now, the concept is essentially getting the most exceptional sound you can from your records at this price,” says the November issue of What Hi-Fi?, as the magazine tests four of the best record players in the mid-range budget.

The competition is stiff – Pro-Ject, Edwards Audio and Rega – but the Clearaudio Concept does it again, being the only one of the four to earn a full five stars in every category, from sound to usability and build.

“We think anyone who treasures their stack of vinyl deserves to know just what delights the Clearaudio has to offer,” write reviewers.

Clearaudio Concept MC turntable package

One of the key draws of the Concept is its winning combination of simplicity and sophistication. It’s an effortless, plug-and-play package that also happens to sport a level of groundbreaking technology usually only found in high-end turntables. As an added plus, it’s a thing of elegant beauty with its “clean design and substantial finish”. And then of course there’s the sound quality.

Opening with The Pixies’ Debaser, “this entire raucous cacophony remains so incredibly taut, matching its blistering pace with extraordinary poise and agility.” Moving on through the album, Doolittle, “we find it hard not to be enamoured by the Concept’s precision timing.” And then there’s its “transparency and a level of detail of which JRR Tolkein would be proud.”

Moving on to Django Reinhardt’s “complex dark and shade, rife with slides and trills… the Concept tracks this dynamic journey step for step.”

“It is this delicate sense of alternating intensity that sets the very best hi-fi apart… the Concept is as adept at finding leading notes, or exposing the vulnerability in a warbled vocal line as it is at rejoicing in the rambunctious crescendos of a full orchestra.”

“It is as clean, rhythmic, detailed and spacious as you’ll find for the money, not to mention engaging and entertaining. A conceptual masterpiece, you could say.”

Read the complete group test in full in the November 2017 issue of What Hi-Fi?

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