Transfiguration Proteus wins Hi-Fi Plus’ 2017 Award for best phono cartridge

The range of Transfiguration phono cartridges from Japanese Immutable Music is a deliberately limited one, focusing on just three exquisitely innovative models. But there seems to be no limit to the number of awards they’re notching up…

Positive Feedback’s Writers’ Choice Award 2015, Hi-Fi World Product of the Year 2016, The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award 2017… Transfiguration’s flagship Proteus just keeps on impressing reviewers around the globe. And now it’s the proud winner of the 2017 Hi-Fi Plus Award for the top phono cartridge.

Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge

The award recognizes the company’s ongoing commitment to achieving ever-greater levels of natural, honest, musical sound. “There is a process of continual development and improvement taking place at Transfiguration. Legendary designer Seiji Yoshoika keeps improving the performance of all the models in the line, but especially the flagship Proteus.” Reviewer Jason Kennedy said, “I love the way that the Proteus can present such rich detail without any tendency to sound analytical.”

In the meantime, Yoshoika’s quest for ever-more natural musical detail has led to the development of a very special, limited edition of the flagship Proteus: the Proteus D – in which the ‘D’ is for its diamond cantilever. Expect even more nuanced information and emotion to be mined from your records’ grooves.

Check out the Awards in full in the December 2017 issue of Hi-Fi Plus