“Almost irresistible”: Magnepan .7 loudspeaker is a Hi-Fi Plus 2017 Award winner

What do you do if you hanker after Magnepan’s soaring (and multi award-winning) flat-panel loudspeakers but you don’t have the largest of listening rooms or budgets? “We’re on it”, said Magnepan, and promptly created the .7 (‘point seven’), a scaled down version of the brand’s acclaimed 1.7 model, and now a Hi-Fi Plus 2017 Award winner.

“The cost:performance ratio makes it almost irresistible,” said Hi-Fi Plus of Magnepan’s compact floorstanding planar-magnetic, quasi-ribbon design.

Magneplanar 0.7
Magneplanar .7

Putting the .7 through its paces in issue 143 of the magazine, reviewer Eric Neff wrote, “I was enjoying an almost holographic listening experience as the famous Magnepan dimensionality appeared right in front of me.”

Let’s face it, the .7 had a lot to live up to. The 1.7 on which it was modeled was described as “the affordable loudspeaker of the decade” by The Absolute Sound, while over on CNET, US reviewer Steve Guttenberg hailed it as “one of the greatest speakers of our new century”.

Thankfully, in creating the .7, the folks at Magnepan succeeded in scaling down the 1.7’s size and budget while conceding relatively little in terms of performance.

“Small home owners need never look with wistfulness on their friends’ ‘audiophile’ system again,” wrote Neff. “This is not a compromise on any level. It is music.”

Recognising the US-based brand’s ongoing commitment to an excellent balance of performance and price, the Award noted that “Magnepan has long achieved that elusive sweet spot in loudspeaker design… true high-end performance but generally without the kind of high-end price tag that makes the brand the preserve of audio’s elite.”

Find out more at www.magnepan.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor Decent Audio

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