David Denyer launches new R2R blog: ‘the reel-to-reel rambler’

I’m delighted to ‘go live’ with a new blog-type website today.

www.thereeltoreelrambler.com is the place where I’ll be sharing my love of all things tape/open reel/R2R.

There’s two parts to the site: first, a beginner’s guide to tape, and second, a series of regular blog posts where I’ll add reviews of music on tape, news, interviews with relevant experts and interesting parties, opinion pieces, practical advice and tips, etc.

I’m not pitching myself as some kind of expert here, more an enthusiastic fan of the form keen to create a ‘hub’ for other folks in a similar boat. The intended audience is those who are relatively new to the world of tape – typically music lovers and audiophiles who are eager to listen to superb quality recordings, rather than those in the pro field (that said, professionals are of course very welcome indeed!).

If tape’s your thing, please do dive in…

I’d very much welcome thoughts and suggestions along the way. There’s a contact form on the blog and also links to my Facebook and Twitter pages where you can pop over for a chat or post a comment or two.

And if you’re in the tape business, or are a serious enthusiast, or even a keen beginner and would like to contribute some thoughts, drop me a line and we can talk about a guest blog/article/opinion piece/interview/snippet – I’m open to ideas!

Here’s that URL again: www.thereeltoreelrambler.com

Look forward to seeing you there!

PS. I’ll be moving over the archive of R2R-related news and musings from here on the DDPR website over to the reel-to-reel rambler, so if you’re looking for something open reel-related that was previously here, you’ll now find it over there!