“Compelling”: Hi-Fi News reviews the Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable with Timestep T-609 tonearm

Take one sculptural-looking turntable from Serbian company Soulines and pair it with a tonearm crafted by Dave Cawley of Soulines’ UK distributor, Timestep – and you get “a very stylish combination,” says Adam Smith in the July issue of Hi-Fi News. But as always the key question is: how does it sound?

“Compelling,” says Smith – both separately and as a pairing. “Not only are the Soulines Kubrick DCX and Timestep T-609 compelling products in their own right but, fortuitously, they also work very well in combination… Timestep has played a bit of a trump card in putting the two together.”

Soulines makes just four turntables and the Kubrick DCX is the company’s most advanced model. Its design is by inspired the space station in the Stanley Kubrick film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, hence the name. Designer Igor Gligorov (trained mechanical engineer, trained musician, experienced sound engineer) is very much a man on a sonic mission, which is everywhere evident in his attention to details and so the engineering know-how that underpins the Kubrick is impressive.

UK distributor Dave Cawley is offering the Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable as a package with his own Timestep T-609 tonearm, a modern, cutting edge, high mass design specifically crafted to excel with moving coil cartridges. Cawley developed it by borrowing some essential ‘DNA’ from the legendary Japanese Fidelity Research FR64S tonearm (from the late 1970s) and combining it with bang-up-to-date technology.

Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable with Timestep T-609 tonearm

“The combination sounded delightfully expressive and emotive, at the same time revealing a fine sense of purity in whatever was played,” writes Smith. “This pairing gave the sense that it was pulling exactly what was needed to be heard from a recording,” and as such was “one of the most neutral I have heard at the price” – in contrast to those decks that tend to add something of their own flavour to the music.

With ‘A Man Alone’ form the soundtrack to the film The Ipcress File, “the frenetic percussion that underpins the track was an absolute joy. The deck and arm kept up the breathless pace without breaking a sweat, while missing nothing that was going on behind this main action.”

“The turntable is well engineered, looks like a piece of sculpture and sounds very fine indeed,” while “Timestep’s new titanium tonearm is the icing on the cake, sounding especially sweet with low-compliance moving coil pick-ups.”

Read Adam Smith’s full review in the July 2018 issue of Hi-Fi News

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