Clearaudio Concept among Wired magazine’s ‘best record players’

“We may be in the streaming age, but this hasn’t stopped vinyl sales booming. Audiophiles and analogue devotees, as well as digital converts, are rediscovering the joys of records,” writes Wired magazine, which has just singled out (no pun intended) its best record players for any budget in 2018.

Among the selected seven is Clearaudio’s multi-award winning Concept turntable, chosen as ‘best for audiophiles’.

“High among the many admirable traits about German hi-fi heroes Clearaudio is the company’s ability to turn out a high-performance record player, one that’s elegant, beautifully finished, stylish and superb-sounding, without charging sell-a-kidney money for it.”

In short, to borrow a word from the company’s native German language: Gesamtkunstwerk, or, “a complete work of art that draws on many forms”.

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