Clearaudio’s Charisma V2 cartridge earns a Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound

Each autumn, the editors of US-based hi-fi magazine The Absolute Sound pick out their audio peaks and pinnacles and crown them worthy winners of the annual Golden Ear Awards.

In 2018, Associate Editor Neil Gader singles out Clearaudio’s Charisma V2 phono cartridge. “Like its name implies, you’ve either got it or you don’t. This cartridge has got it,” he writes.

Clearaudio Charisma V2

“It offers a full palette of timbral vibrancy and complexity, the classic midrange heft and bloom that I desire, and the dynamic electricity and top-end sweetness I demand. Tracking was unshakable and effortless, and the cartridge imparted transient cues with unalloyed naturalism.”

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