Clearaudio Ovation turntable stars in ‘cheeky’ new Pulp Fiction-inspired film


December… ‘tis the season for cranking up your favourite tunes, putting on a bit of a show, having some fun and, traditionally, giving generously. The folks at hi-fi brand Clearaudio have been entering into that very spirit, by supporting – and starring in – a ‘cheeky’ new short film inspired by one of contemporary cinema’s most iconic music and dance scenes.

If you’ve seen Quentin Tarantino’s classic movie, Pulp Fiction, you’ll remember that scene… the uber-cool Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) comes home to her criminally rich husband’s mansion after a night out, presses ‘play’ on the reel-to-reel deck and gets her groove on to Urge Overkill’s Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon. Meanwhile, her chaperone, Vincent Vega (John Travolta), is in the bathroom giving himself a pep talk about how to handle the rest of the evening (basically, don’t get killed by seducing the boss’s wife!).

Genevieve Welsh & Clearaudio Ovation turntable in ‘Mia Returns’

In Mia Returns, a brand new ‘remake’ of the scene, Clearaudio’s Ovation turntable takes centre stage, providing that all-important soundtrack – this time on vinyl. And one or two other details have changed too. Mia returns not to a lavish mansion, but a seemingly ordinary London flat. She’s had a few drinks, so has the munchies. And in place of Vincent there’s a non-too-happy housemate…

Check out the five-minute film online now at:

Mia Returns is the work of ‘The Cheek’, a fashion and film project conceived by director and model Genevieve Welsh (who plays Mia in the film).

“In my work I meet so many brilliant young creatives, but it can incredibly difficult for them to forge a career in their chosen field,” Welsh explains. “So I had an idea about how to support and showcase a wide range of emerging talent in a unique way, by creating a series of short films using iconic dance scenes from movies as a base.”

Behind in the scenes: Welsh in make-up

The movie scenes are re-imagined into tongue-in-cheek fashion films, which are shot in various locations around the world. Each film brings together a raft of contributors, from make-up artists to actors, directors to camera people, and musicians to costume designers, showcasing the work of each as well as giving each member of the team a valuable opportunity for collaborative working and networking

“We were thrilled when Genevieve approached us about sponsoring the project and featuring Clearaudio’s Ovation turntable in her latest film,” says Clearaudio co-director Veronika Suchy. “We strongly believe in supporting and nurturing young talent, including through our own apprentice scheme for local young people. And besides, who wouldn’t want to feature in a scene from Pulp Fiction!”

Mia Returns is one of three films to be completed so far by The Cheek and a fourth is in progress. View them all free online at:

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PRESS RELEASE Clearaudio Ovation turntable stars in ‘cheeky’ new Pulp Fiction-inspired film

Clearaudio Ovation turntable (wood finish)