“An audio supermodel”: Hi-Fi Plus investigates the revolution afoot among Raidho’s loudspeakers and test-drives the “all-new” XT-5 floorstander

“If you think you know how it’s going to sound, best think again,” writes Roy Gregory in the November issue of Hi-Fi Plus magazine. “It’s hard to make a case for the sonic quality of Orange Juice recordings, but when Edwyn Collins sings through the XT-5s, you really do wish you’d met a girl like her.”

Gregory is singling out the XT-5s’ ability to not only sound “more than excellent” when playing great quality recordings, but also to “bring the music back to life” when listening to lesser ones. “Sounding good – unearthing the music on indifferent records – now that’s special, and that’s what these speakers can do.”

Raidho XT-5 front view pair

Raidho has always been distinctive in its design, its genuinely innovative technology and its sound, which could be one reason (or three) why the brand has always enjoyed such a high profile and a big reputation, with it loudspeakers being coveted by many an audiophile for their “phenomenal speed, dynamic coherence and transparency”.

The company’s latest two models, the XT-5 and the flagship TD-4.8 (reviewed in issue 161 of Hi-Fi Plus), meanwhile, seem to point to “a new and impressive breed of Raidho,” perhaps reflecting an influx of loudspeaker engineering expertise including the likes of Benno Meldgaard, the man behind the Gamut brand – now part of the Dantax group of companies that includes Raidho. “It’s the shape of things to come,” says Gregory, “and I’m not just talking about the elegantly elongated cabinet with its almost aerofoil cross-section…an audio supermodel!”

Read Roy Gregory’s comprehensive review of the Raidho XT-5 in the November 2018 issue of Hi-Fi Plus

Find out more about the Raidho range at www.raidho.dk and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk