Hi-Fi World Turntable of the Year Award-winner Technics SP-10R features Glanz MH-104S tonearm

The New Year issue of Hi-Fi World showcases the magazine’s annual awards, featuring “the products that wowed us in 2018”. Winner of the sought-after title of ‘Turntable of the Year’ is the superb Technics SP-10R professional deck. It’s a stunner alright, but look closely and you’ll also notice another wow factor: the Glanz tonearm with which the Hi-Fi World review model was fitted.

The arm in question is the Glanz MH-104S. Meticulously crafted in Japan (and we really do mean seriously meticulously), these arms are something of a work of art in terms of both visual beauty and workmanship. But don’t be fooled by their stunningly sleek vintage-style bodywork. The Glanz is a very technically advanced tonearm indeed. Their creator, Masataka Hamada, has relentlessly pursued an ideal of both mechanical integrity and fluid movement, the two of which are generally considered to be somewhat mutually exclusive. To achieve this rare feat, Hamada combines exacting materials with a whole new level of precision engineering.

Glanz MH-94S, 104S & 124S

“The Glanz tonearm is a masterclass in precision design and craftsmanship,” says Dave Cawley of Devon-based hi-fi distributor Timestep and retailer Sound Hi-Fi (himself a renowned engineer). Cawley is the UK importer of Glanz and, being also a Technics dealer, was the man behind the Award-winning turntable set-up provided to Hi-Fi World.

The set-up in question placed the Technics SP-10R deck in a ‘vintage’ Technics SP10 MkII plinth, and fitted it with the Glanz MH-104S tonearm.

“These are quite honestly the best tonearms I’ve heard,” says Cawley. “Speed, agility, clarity, openness and detail are all superlative. The soundstage is focused yet spacious and the overall air is utterly natural.”

Technics SP-10R turntable with Glanz MH-104S tonearm

In giving the Award, Hi-Fi World editor and reviewer Noel Keywood concluded that the Technics SP-10R, as partnered here with the Glanz tonearm, “can stand comparison with any turntable on offer at the moment,” delivering “supreme grip on pace and timing”. With Marianne Thorsen playing Mozart violin concertos, “her performance was brought forward on the soundstage and spot-lit to an extent that her every small dance of bow on strings was made brutally clear.”

Read Keywood’s review in full and discover the complete range of 2018 Award winners in the January 2019 issue of Hi-Fi World

Find out more about Glanz tonearms at http://glanztonearms.co.uk

Dave Cawley at www.SoundHiFi.com can supply both Technics and Glanz, including the specific Award-winning set-up featured here