“I always felt cassettes were utter shite!”: Ken Kessler, David Denyer & Neville Roberts expound on all things tape-related…

Catch up with the latest news and reviews over at The Reel-to-Reel Rambler, in which David Denyer and fellow hi-fi journalists Ken Kessler and Neville Roberts delve into the world of open reel tape.

In recent posts, Ken Kessler digresses (in his inimitable style!) on cassettes, Neville Roberts flies to Venice to witness a live audiophile recording, and David Denyer checks out some new releases on tape and the latest developments with Metaxas & Sins’ new R2R deck….

Vivaldi in Venice part 1: Neville Roberts discovers the joys and the challenges of making audiophile recordings of a live concert

Making a high-quality audio recording in a studio is one thing, but making a similar recording at a live concert has its own particular challenges. Neville Roberts flies out to Venice to investigate, at the invitation of audiophile label Chasing The Dragon.

Vivaldi in Venice part 2: a post-script from the rambler’s listening room

At home in the UK, David Denyer listens to the above live recording on copy master tape. Spoiler alert: “this is one of the most wonderfully captivating examples of the recording art I’ve ever experienced”.

‘To the moon and back’: in which the rambler kicks back with Lyn Stanley’s ‘Moonlight Sessions’ and discovers a thing or two about CCIR vs. NAB equalization

Still holed up in his listening room, David Denyer checks out an American jazz singer with a difference, and gets to hear a direct comparison of CCIR and NAB recordings.

“I always felt that cassettes were utter shite”: Ken Kessler treats us to a brief digression from the continuing saga of his reel-to-reel adventures

When an addiction takes hold, there’s no knowing where it might lead. Here, hi-fi journalist Ken Kessler’s love of all things tape takes a turn for the surprising…

Open Reel Records release six new classical recordings on tape

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your tape-loving audiophile? Look no further. Hot off the press are six newly-available recordings from the superb Italian label Open Reel Records, all available to order now.

Metaxas & Sins GQT open reel tape recorder: update and new T-RX model

Following the sad death of a good friend and valued supplier, Kostas Metaxas explains how and why his plans for the ‘GQT’ (George Quellet Tribute) open reel tape recorder have had to evolve. (“I’m calling it the T-RX, so you probably know not to expect something small!”)


And if you’re wondering what it’s all about… you’ll also find on The Reel-to-Reel Rambler: a beginner’s guide to tape.

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