Raidho TD-4.8 loudspeaker wins Hi-Fi Plus cost-no-object loudspeaker of the year award, with Raidho XT-5 as close contender

In the 2018 selection of Hi-Fi Plus’ outstanding products of the year, the shortlist for the category of ‘cost-no-object loudspeaker’ ultimately came down to just two models – both of them made by Danish brand Raidho. While there could only be one final winner, the company as a whole “is clearly doing something very right,” says the magazine’s team of expert reviewers.

“A big part of that ‘something’ is assembling the right team for the job,” notes the review, referring to the recent hiring of Benno Baun Meldgaard as chief designer. Meldgaard came on board when his company, Gamut Audio, became part of the Dantax group of hi-fi companies (which, as well as Raidho, also includes Scansonic). “His impact on the sound of the already-excellent Raidho range is adding further depth to the design.”

“In fact, we think Raidho is the front runner in a true European high-end audio renaissance, with products that challenge even the greatest the American high-end has to offer.”

Raidho TD-4.8

Now, a winner in the ‘cost-no-object’ category obviously isn’t for everyone. The tall, slim and incredibly elegant Raidho TD-4.8 needs both headroom and investment. It’s a three-way, nine-driver floorstander requiring a big listening space and suitably high-performance partnering equipment. But if you can stretch to that, you certainly won’t be sorry.

“The Raidho TD-4.8 makes music supremely intelligible, in a way that few other loudspeakers can. You’ll know precisely what type of instrument is being played, almost to the point of knowing what kind of reed the musician [on bass clarinet] prefers.”

“You’ll struggle to tear yourself away… reaching for the ‘stop’ button is like disrespecting the music itself.”

“Wow, just wow!”

Read details of all of the awards in the December 2018 issue of Hi-Fi Plus.

Editor Alan Sircom’s full review of the Raidho TD-4.8 is available to read online here.

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