Think you can’t stretch to a record cleaning machine? Think Okki Nokki


If you’re investing in building up a vinyl collection, you’re no doubt keen to keep your records in tip-top condition so that you can hear them at their best. Still, a record cleaning machine may feel like a bit of stretch. Fear not, Dutch brand Okki Nokki has the solution.

It comes from Holland, it’s one of Europe’s best-selling record cleaning machines and it’s now being imported to the UK by County Durham-based hi-fi distributor Decent Audio.

The Okki Nokki RCM record cleaning machine also offers unbeatable value for money. Priced at just £435, it is a compact yet powerful piece of kit whose build quality, features and performance might reasonably be expected to come with a considerably higher price tag. Originally conceived around 15 years ago by Dutch designer Johan Bezem, its design and construction have steadily and deliberately evolved over time, adding a raft of enhancements while keeping the price firmly in check.

Compact, sleek in appearance and surprisingly light for a record cleaner, the Okki Nokki blends better in the home than many of the more industrial-styled machines. And yet, it is endowed with an impressive complement of high-performance features including a quiet-running vacuum motor, the ability to spin in both directions and a clever float mechanism that stops it operating when the fluid needs to be drained, so there’s no risk of fluid getting into the motor.

What’s more, it comes complete with its own concentrated cleaning fluid and a goat-hair brush – everything you need to get straight down to the business of bringing your beloved records back to pristine condition.

Thankfully the Okki Nokki is simple and effortless to use. Operation is via two switches: one for forward/reverse and the other for suction. Most important of all, it delivers excellent results, whisking away the minute dirt particles that get in the grooves of used records, and clearing away the debris left over from the pressing process on new ones.

“The Okki Nokki has been around for some years and it just keeps getting better and better, while remaining impressively affordable,” says Decent Audio’s Simon Griffin. “For me, there’s no doubt that this is the best record cleaning machine on the market at its price point. It’s no surprise that this a European best seller.”

Okki Nokki RCM record cleaning machine features –

  • Cool-running vacuum motor allows for hours of use with no need for noisy fans, hence quiet to use.
  • Forward and reverse directions of operation allow for gentle ‘scrubbing’ action.
  • Built-in safety features prevent fluid from being sucked into the vacuum motor and the turntable motor from overheating.
  • Robust and waterproof plastic and aluminium sandwich body.
  • Comes complete with precision-milled aluminium clamp to hold records securely in-place during cleanings, proprietary concentrated record cleaning fluid designed to bring dirt to the surface for easy removal, and luxurious anti-static goat hair brush.
  • Available in black or white finish.
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 16″ x 13″
  • Weight: 8.5kg

Available / optional accessories

  • Vacuum arm tubes for 10 “and 7” records are available, in addition to the 12” tube supplied as standard.
  • Optional perspex lid / dust cover.
  • Replacement velvet strips for vacuum arm (these should be replaced after cleaning 50 records).

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