Optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio launches new HS-001 solid headshell


Firmly at the forefront of “creating the future of analogue music”, Japanese DS Audio has gained a worldwide reputation for its pioneering optical photo cartridges, with rave reviews for their superlative sound. At the same time, the company is also applying its intelligently innovative approach to a number of related audio accessories – first, the excellent ST-50 stylus cleaner, and now, the new HS-001 solid headshell.

The new HS-001 solid headshell is designed to provide a superior fitting for any and all phono cartridges, not merely DS Audio’s own high-performance optical models.

The headshell’s brilliantly simple design hones in on the point of contact with the tonearm and improves upon the conventional approach in two keys ways. In most conventional designs, there is a single vertical pin on the upper side of the connector. This results in uneven contact pressure between the arm and the headshell. In contrast, the HS-001 features both an upper and a lower vertical pin structure, which serves to equalize the pressure on the electrical contacts and ensure an even application of force across the connection to the tonearm.

In addition, the whole contact surface is then further anchored by a domed headshell washer, custom-developed by DS Audio. Applied at the point of contact with the tonearm, the washer provides even greater stability and resonance control.

The HS-001’s body is precision-machined from a solid billet of duralumin, an ultra-light yet ultra-rigid aluminium alloy that delivers excellent resonance control. Following extensive listening tests, DS Audio selected a Japanese made Litz wire for the HS-001’s signal leads, which are carefully hand-soldered to preserve signal integrity for the optimal in sound performance.


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PRESS RELEASE Optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio launches new HS-001 solid headshell

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