“The right box, in the right place, at the right time”: Hi-Fi Plus reviews Exposure’s highly versatile XM CD player

Could Exposure’s XM series of hi-fi components be the gift that just keeps on giving? “When it comes to upping the versatility and value stakes, [Exposure’s] new XM CD player is really three rather fine products in one,” says Roy Gregory, in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Plus.

Exposure’s multi award-winning XM series was first launched in 2017 and has since rapidly grown, both in its number of products and its popularity. Responding directly to the unstoppable resurgence of analogue amid a digital age, the series offers a smart solution for those who seek great performance across multiple media but don’t want the size or cost of their system to spiral out of control. So, not only are the products in the series impressively affordable, they also pack an astonishing complement of features into a compact half-width size.

Exposure XM CD player – black angled above

But wait, a CD player, now? If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple. “Customer demand,” explains Exposure matter-of-factly. And, as always, the Exposure design is clearly informed by what customers actually want, rather than by the latest fad, which Gregory applauds.

Exposure XM CD player – titanium front above

“The XM CD player is quite capable of demonstrating just why we should all still be taking CD seriously. By doing the simple things well, Exposure has created a product that is as effective as it is affordable and versatile.”

Take for example the top-loading transport. Customers didn’t want a slot loader, and a drawer loader wouldn’t work in a compact half-width design, so Exposure crafted something entirely more pleasing. The smart top-loading mechanism sports a sliding lid and comes with a magnetic clamp – so now loading a CD feels almost as satisfying as cueing up a vinyl record.

Exposure XM CD player – black top open

The XM has the flexibility of operating as a standalone CD player, but has also been designed as a CD transport to connect with the brand’s XM5 integrated amplifier or XM7 preamp. This, says Gregory, is where “things start to get really interesting” and the XM comes into its own, becoming “the most affordable transport I’d recommend”.

“For such an apparently simple device, the XM does a great job of hiding its considerable light under a bushel. Don’t be fooled by appearances: if you’ve invested heavily in a DAC but still want to play CD, or if you just want to play CD period, this Exposure is just the ticket.”

Read Roy Gregory’s full review in the May 2019 issue of Hi-Fi Plus or download a pdf version from Exposure’s website at www.exposurehifi.com/reviews.html

Find out more about the Exposure XM series and find your nearest dealer at www.exposurehifi.com

And, if you’re heading to the 2019 Munich High-End Show this coming weekend, German distributor High Fidelity Studio will be showing the Exposure range in area A4.1, rooms 126 & 127.