“Absolutely brilliant”: Hi-Fi Choice is bowled over by Kudos Audio’s Titan 505 standmount loudspeaker

“Don’t be fooled by the compact exterior,” says the magazine’s July 2019 issue, “this is one of the best standmounts that [reviewer] Adam Smith has ever heard.”

“Small on size, big on immersion. If it’s everyday elation you’re after, the 505 offers all of the key Titan design features in a compact, standmount loudspeaker,” says the Kudos Audio website.  Launched in 2018, the 505 is the fourth member of the brand’s flagship Titan series, and is designed to offer class-leading performance in the smallest and most affordable package possible.

Kudos Titan 505_pair with grille

“The 505 was initially developed to push boundaries and see how far we could shrink the reference Titan 808 [the brand’s top model] design and engineering principles,” says designer Derek Gilligan.

Reviewer Adam Smith is suitably impressed with just how far it proved possible to do so.

“Imaging is a particular delight with a focus and depth of scale that is at times quite jaw dropping… at one point I wonder if I can get up, wander round and tap Phil Kenzie [soprano saxophone] on the shoulder as he plays.”

“The Kudos is an absolute master of soundstaging. It paints a vivid sonic picture between the cabinets and pulls the main action out towards the listener while layering the backing aspects perfectly behind…. precise imaging like this is often achieved by designs housed in far larger cabinets, but the 505 can hold its head up high.”

Kudos Titan 505_single without grille

“The other thing that usually requires much larger cabinets is decent, hefty bass and this is another area in which it performs with aplomb… the isobaric bass driver configuration is clearly paying dividends here and ensures the music delivery always sounds big.”

“Treble performance is truly the icing on the cake. There is a seamless handover from the mid-bass driver to the treble units and the wealth of details that the SEAS-Kudos K3 unit extracts is exceptional.”

Conclusion: the Titan 505 “more than earns its right to bear the Titan moniker…. absolutely brilliant, full stop.”

Discover more about the Kudos Audio Titan series of loudspeakers, and find your nearest dealer, at https://kudosaudio.com

Read Adam Smith’s review in full in the July 2019 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.