David Denyer working with Electromod to promote the Mr Speakers headphone brand

David Denyer is delighted to be working with UK audio distributor Electromod to support the promotion of the Mr Speakers brand of headphones. Mr Speakers is a US-based, high-performance headphone brand founded and run by Dan Clark, an electrical engineer with more than twenty years’ experience in the high-end hi-fi sector.

The Mr Speakers range includes both planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones. In both cases, Dan has developed new ideas and techniques to produce exceptionally high performing headphones at surprisingly competitive prices.

Discover more at www.mrspeakers.com and www.electromod.co.uk/products/mr-speakers

Electromod & Mr Speakers at CanJam

Electromod will be exhibiting Mr Speakers at CanJam this weekend, 27-28th July 2019 at Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London

CanJam is the world’s premier headphone and related audio show.

For tickets and more information visit: https://canjamglobal.com