Mr Speakers Voce headphone receives the full five stars & Hi-Fi Choice Recommended badge

The September issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine features “Six great-sounding solutions for intimate listening at home or for when you want to be able to enjoy your sounds while on the move.” Among the selected six is Mr Speakers top-of-range Voce headphone. 

Mr Speakers Voce electrostatic headphone

“Choosing the right headphone in a deeply personal business,” says Hi-Fi Choice. “No room acoustics to mess things up, no-one else’s tastes to cater for – it’s as intimate as it gets.”

So how do you go about choosing the right solution when the only person you need to please is you, you, you?

The magazine is here to help with six of the best, priced between £499 and £2,600. At the upper end of the range is Mr Speakers’ top model, the Voce electrostatic headphone designed to deliver “very high resolution and clarity with a large soundstage, neutral voicing and a bass output extending into the subsonic region.”

“Reproduction is breathtaking. Bass is tight, powerful and punchy, the top end is crisp and well extended and the overall performance is refined and comfortable enough for longer listening sessions.”


Read the full personal stereo article / review in the September 2019 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

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