Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent record cleaning machine earns ‘Hi-Fi Choice Recommended’ badge

The September issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine features a selection of audio ‘extras’ designed to give you the absolute maximum performance from all things hi-fi. And “if you care about getting the best from your vinyl, it cannot be overstated just how important it is to keep your records clean”, says the magazine. 

It’s not just second-hand LPs with their inevitable dust, dirt and grime that you need to worry about. New LPs need some attention too since they often have residual chemicals such as mould-releasing agents loitering in their grooves.

When it comes to record cleaning, German analogue experts Clearaudio have got it covered. The Smart Matrix Silent features a powerful but silent 500W vacuum motor and a multi-functional cleaning, vacuum and antistatic arm with built-in sliding record size selector.

It’s a breeze to use: “the arm handles the application of the cleaning fluid, cleans the record and then vacuums off the dirty solution.”

Hi-Fi Choice’s reviewer puts it to the test with a brand new LP that’s been exhibiting some “annoying surface noise crackle”. Result? “The crackle has disappeared, and I am able to appreciate the full dynamic range of the LP”.

“Running through the same cleaning process with second-hand albums also results in much improved clarity and does a remarkable job of cleaning up some of my recent crate-digging purchases.”

“A worthwhile investment for any serious vinyl collector.”

Read the full review in the September 2019 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

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