Reel-to-reel tape at Hi-Fi Show Live, how to make a master tape, the art of a making an awesome live recording and more

Catch up with the latest R2R news and reviews over at The Reel-to-Reel Rambler, where David Denyer and fellow hi-fi journalists Ken Kessler and Neville Roberts delve into the world of open reel tape.

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So, how do you make an analogue audio tape? Dave Denyer visits RecordingTheMasters in France to find out how it’s done

In mid-July (perfectly timed for Bastille Day) Dave Denyer headed over to the Avranches in northern France to meet the team at RecordingTheMasters and learn all about the tape manufacturing process.

Going live: in which Dave Denyer spends two fascinating days at London’s Air Studios witnessing Chasing The Dragon’s audiophile recordings

A dream day in the company of some incredibly talented artists and engineers.

The full English breakfast: Dave Denyer listens to Chasing the Dragon’s Live Beethoven Series on master tape

UK-based audiophile label Chasing The Dragon’s latest addition to their reassuringly-expanding catalogue is the classical equivalent of the full English breakfast: music that’s been performed and recorded countless times, that extends far beyond the usual reach of classical music and that’s sure to be immensely popular.

Capturing ambience: Neville Roberts explores the art of making a masterful live recording

Reel-to-reel master tapes have the ability to convey the ambience of a venue like no other recording medium. Hi-fi journalist Neville Roberts looks into some of the techniques used in modern recordings that can really help capture the atmosphere of the performance venue.