“A real star”: Hi-Fi Plus reviews Kudos Audio’s Titan 505 standmount loudspeaker

Hi-Fi Plus editor Alan Sircom is seriously impressed the smallest member of Kudos Audio’s four-strong flagship Titan series. Find out why in the magazine’s September issue.

“Small on size, big on immersion… if it’s everyday elation you’re after, the 505 offers all of the key Titan design features in a compact, standmount loudspeaker,” says Kudos Audio’s website.

Kudos 505 loudspeakers

The ‘Titan design features’ in question were researched and developed in an extensive process that spanned several years, and which resulted in the brand’s mighty top floorstander, the superb Titan 808. But the Kudos team didn’t stop there. Chief designer Derek Gilligan, a former live sound engineer famous for his passion for ensuring that “the whole crowd went wild, not just the folks in the front row,” wanted to make the Titan’s stunningly musical sound available to wider range of rooms and budgets. And so came the 707 and 606 floorstanders, followed by the 505 standmount – all four engineered to operate in either passive or active mode, and configured to partner with leading electronics including Linn, Devialet, Naim and Exposure.

But can the key features of a top-of-range floorstanding magnum opus really translate into a compact standmount? Hi-Fi Plus editor Alan Sircom sought to find out…

Kudos Titan 505_pair without grille

“The first and most obvious point of the Titan 505 is the bass. For a standmount loudspeaker and a loudspeaker of its size, the bass is prodigious. Not overpowering or overblown, just that ‘where did you hide the subwoofer’ bass… deep, powerful and very well handled.”

But the Titan 505 is no one trick pony and “there’s a whole musical menu to be sampled and enjoyed” given “a dynamic range and shade far beyond that of most conventional two-way standmounts of similar size.”

“Treble is refined and extended too, without exaggeration or strong emphasis… well-balanced and extremely poised, staying the Goldilocks zone between ‘strong’ and ‘rolled-off’.”

“Stereo imagery and separation are outstanding too.”

“A real star… whether you view it as a stepping stone to active drive or a passive loudspeaker end in its own right, the Kudos Titan 505 is one of the most impressively well-balanced loudspeakers in its price and beyond.”

Read the full review in the September 2019 issue of Hi-Fi Plus 

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