New ION-001 vinyl ionizer from optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio


Japanese optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio has just launched its third audio accessory, the ION-001 vinyl ionizer. As you might expect from DS Audio, it is elegantly crafted, a breeze to use and, most important, impressively effective.

Vinyl records are known for their tendency to build up a static electric charge. Friction is the cause, the main source of which is the stylus drag that occurs during playback. The degree of friction, and hence the strength of charge, will vary according to factors such as the stylus tip shape, the vinyl record’s specific component materials, and the room temperature and humidity levels.

As its name suggests, the ION-001 emits a combination of positive and negative ions in a controlled process from its dual outlets, which effectively neutralises and removes static electricity from the record’s surface.

The ION-001 is simple and convenient to use. Its architectural ‘tower’ design allows for placement of the ION-001 next to your turntable, marrying perfectly with a wide range of turntable configurations and platter heights. Its unique ‘no fan’ construction allows for silent operation and continuous use while playing records. What’s more, the ION-001’s specialized power supply suppresses the generation of excess ozone, preventing unwanted oxidation.

All you need to do is switch it on at the beginning of a listening session and off at the end – and otherwise ‘set-and-forget’. Your vinyl collection will thank you for it – and you will hear the difference.

The ION-001 can also be used to remove the static electric charge from CDs and DVDs.

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PRESS RELEASE New ION-001 vinyl ionizer from optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio

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