Change of name for US-based MrSpeakers headphone brand to Dan Clark Audio


Names are important. At a fundamental level, the name of a company lets people know what the company does and what it stands for. San Diego-based audio company MrSpeakers designs and manufactures some of the finest headphones available today. It does not, however, make loudspeakers. Time, then, for a change of name.

MrSpeakers was founded by Dan Clark, an electrical engineer who has been working in and around the high-end audio market for more than twenty years. Having kicked off his career designing a range of consumer tech, Dan initially focused on creating some truly incredible loudspeakers for both himself and for other companies, including the highly regarded Studio 2 and Reference 2 speakers from Platinum Audio. Hence the original name of his company, MrSpeakers.

Shortly thereafter came the headphone explosion. As headphones made the transition from accessories to primary listening devices, Dan became interested in the pursuit of high quality sound from closed headphones and learned much about headphone modification. Over time, he became an authoritative and reliable voice in the ‘headfi modder’ community and, as he and the MrSpeakers brand grew in popularity, he began developing commercial products for headphone enthusiasts, initially using the Fostex T50rp as a build platformand later focusing on his own ‘ground-up’ planar and electrostatic headphones. The latter have gone on to be some of the most highly awarded headphones of recent years, currently offered in the Ether, Aeon and Voce ranges.

So, Mr Speakers is now Dan Clark Audio: a headphone design and manufacturing company dedicated to bringing Californian innovation and smart industrial design to its worldwide community of customers who expect high performance, reliability, comfort and great value.

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PRESS RELEASE Change of name for US-based MrSpeakers headphone brand to Dan Clark Audio

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