Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker of the Year: Magnepan 30.7 highly commended in Hi-Fi Plus Awards 2019

This December sees one of the largest ever issues of Hi-Fi Plus magazine, which is devoted to the magazine’s annual Awards. Our wider world may be in turbulent times, but “the level of innovation and intuitive design that has gone into recent audio products is hugely uplifting,” says editor Alan Sircom. So, while we may not all have access to ‘cost-no-object’ budgets, we can still rest assured that these categories of award-winning models are contributing to the advancement of hi-fi and hence the musical enjoyment of us all.

Taking its place among the year’s best ‘cost-no-object’ loudspeakers is Minnesota-based Magnepan’s towering flagship model, the 30.7.

It’s a four-way, four panel, combination quasi ribbon/pure ribbon dipolar planar design, and is one of those loudspeakers you just have to hear – even if your budget in unlikely to ever stretch to ownership. To hear it to its full extent you’ll need an extraordinarily powerful amplifier system and an extremely large listening room, “but the results are worth the effort.”

“The 30.7 is a loudspeaker of speed and uncommon smoothness in the midrange and treble, in a system that can tailor the bass more accurately to the room itself, making for a bass that is as cogent as it is rich and potent.”

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