“A new benchmark for mid-priced high-end headphones”: Hi-Fi Plus is impressed by Dan Clark Audio’s new Aeon 2 closed-back planar magnetic ‘phones

Dan Clark Audio, formerly known as Mr Speakers, has just released a new version of its Aeon Flow planar magnetic headphone. But the enhancements in the new Aeon 2 are such that this is less an upgrade, more a completely new product. Hi-Fi Plus is seriously impressed by its performance. 

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 right rear

The Aeon 2 comes in two versions: open and closed, and Hi-Fi Plus spent time with one of the very first review samples of the closed-back version.

The Aeon 2 Closed is a “mid-priced yet very high performance” design that draws strongly on the company’s flagship Ether 2. Why? Quite simply because Dan Clark is committed to providing high value personal audio products and, since not everyone can afford headphones in the Ether price range, the Aeon 2 “tackles this problem head-on using creatively cost-reduced designs that are heavily influenced by technologies drawn from the Ether series, yet that sell for around half the price”.

“The Aeon 2 Closed found that elusive sweet spot between organic musicality on the one hand and desirable accuracy and neutral tonal balance on the other.”

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 with case

“The listener is treated to an enormous soundstage that gives a near front-row perspective… not only are the voices of the instruments rendered with plenty of clarity and rich tonal colours, but the placement and positioning of the instruments is clearly spelled out too. Better still, the Aeon 2 lets listeners hear and enjoy the interactions between the instruments and the resonant acoustics of the recording venue. In short, it’s an imaging and soundstaging tour de force.”

“I consider the Aeon 2 Closed a true sonic overachiever. [It] does so many things so well for such a sensible price it seems impossible not to fall in love with the things… for now, the Aeon 2 Closed stands as a new benchmark for mid-priced high-end headphones.”

Read Chris Martens’ full review in the January 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Plus.

Discover more at https://danclarkaudio.com

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To audition the new Aeon 2, track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor Electromod.