“Crisper, clearer, faster and more detailed”: Hi-Fi News goes active with Exposure’s VXN crossover and Kudos Audio loudspeakers

Active versus passive loudspeakers? It’s a topic that’s been known to divide audiophiles almost as much as valves versus solid state, or even analogue versus digital. But what if you could have it all… Hi-Fi News reviews Exposure Electronics’ new VXN all-analogue outboard crossover, partnered with Kudos Audio’s Titan 707 loudspeakers. 

Tony Brady, Exposure’s chief designer, has a penchant for active loudspeakers. Kudos Audio, meanwhile, have already worked with Linn, Devialet and Naim to develop customized active solutions. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before the two opted to collaborate.

Unlike Linn’s Exakt and Devialet’s Expert active crossovers which are both DSP-based, Exposure’s VXN is an all-analogue device. It is entirely dual mono, with separate boards for each channel. And, while initially designed for and with Kudos Audio’s top-of-the-range loudspeakers, it can equally be adapted to other brands and models of speaker, and used with other manufacturers electronics.

Exposure 5010 series: mono power amps (titanium finish)

Its ideal partners, however, are Exposure own award-winning 5010 preamplifier and matching mono power amps, four of which featured in the Hi-Fi News review set-up.

Exposure VXN crossover and power supply

“Switching over to active working, the benefits should have been obvious – better drive for each unit, no intermodulation between the drivers and the small matter of having an extra couple of power amps in harness, each of the four now handling a specific frequency band. And you know what? All those gains were up there on the soundstage, not only grabbing the Titan 707s and whipping them into shape, but making it immediately apparent where all the money was channeled – straight into creating a more convincing performance.”

Crisper, clearer, faster and more detailed: that sums up the gains on offer when taking this Exposure/Kudos system active. Best of all, it goes louder cleaner without urging restraint over volume…”

Read the full review in the February 2020 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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