“Magnificent sound quality”: Hi-Fi News reviews Audio Analogue’s Bellini & Donizetti Anniversary pre-power amplifiers

To mark its twentieth anniversary, Italian hi-fi brand Audio Analogue took a fresh look at several of its most noteworthy amplifiers, redesigning them from the ground up to create a new flagship range. The range kicked off with the Puccini and Maestro integrated models, which were then joined by the new Bellini preamplifier and Donizetti power amplifier. Hi-Fi News has been enjoying the latter pairing.

“In many ways, this duo is exceptional,” writes reviewer Adam Smith. “The first thing likely to stroke you is the remarkable midband lucidity, and the expansiveness of the soundstage… the three-dimensional sense of imagery set up by these amps could astonish at times.”

“The sheer level of clarity and purity in the treble region is, again, first-class, enabling you to hear the tinkle of a pin drop in even the busiest of mixes.”

Audio Analogue Bellini & Donizetti Anniversary pre/power amplifiers (in black)

“The Audio Analogue Bellini and Donizetti offer a combination of magnificent sound quality with a brute-force styling that I thoroughly enjoyed. They typically make a great job of poor recordings too.”

Read the full review in the February 2020 issue of Hi-Fi News.

Discover more at www.audioanalogue.com and find your nearest dealer at via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk