No longer just for pros: Kerr Acoustic loudspeakers now available to home listeners


Kerr Acoustic is already a well-known name in professional audio circles – the company’s loudspeakers were used to mix and master rapper J Hus’s Big Conspiracy, which has just enjoyed a week-long stint at number one in the UK’s official top-40 album charts. Now, founder Jes Kerr plans to bring his high resolution loudspeakers to the home audiophile market, via a new UK distribution agreement with Berkshire-based Sound Fowndations.

While Kerr may have focused thus far on the professional market, the company remains very much a family business; its loudspeakers are designed and crafted from the ground up by a small, dedicated team who care passionately about the listening experience.

“I guess it was a natural move for me to start with the pro market,” says Kerr, “since I was already working in that field as a session musician and a music producer. During that time I found myself collecting, restoring and modifying a vast number of different loudspeaker designs in pursuit of the kind of resolution I wanted to achieve in my recordings, which is what ultimately led me to create my own designs – and then share them with others.”

Chris Green of Sound Fowndations said, “I’m delighted that Jes has decided to bring his incredible-sounding speakers to the home audiophile market. I’ve been listening to them for a while and am seriously impressed. As you might expect from something designed for pro studio use, the bass is stellar and the upper end is packed with revealing detail. What might surprise you, however, is how reasonably priced they are.”

Kerr’s loudspeakers feature a combination of drivers that’s rare in both home and professional audio: mid-range and bass units from the excellent Dorset–based Volt are married with true ribbon tweeters crafted to reveal every nuance with surgical precision. Another key defining factor of the range is the unique Kerr Acoustic transmission line bass loading, which extends the bass frequency response way down, delivering detailed, powerful and controlled bass as low as 16Hz in the K100 (and even down to 33Hz in the standmount K300).

The Kerr Acoustic range currently includes three models, with a fourth planned later this year. At the top end, the K100 3-way floorstander was designed to set new standards in professional monitoring and critical listening. As a full-range home loudspeaker, it offers tremendous high and mid-frequency resolution coupled with outstanding bass power, control and detail.

The K300 2-way standmount was also conceived for studio use, but equally offers unique benefits in the home. In the studio, this mini-monitor sits on top of the mixing desk where it helps ensure that a microscopic level of detail goes into the mix. In the home, it makes for a medium-sized standmount speaker that delivers a startling degree of resolution coupled with a rich, deep bass that belies its diminutive dimensions. And if you want all of the K300’s benefits in a floorstander, the 2-way K320 has been developed to do precisely that, and is specifically crafted for the home audiophile.

Jes Kerr said, “The thing about pro speakers is that they’re designed to be acutely revealing and realistic – and to continue being ever more so as you turn up the volume. For the audiophile home listener, this combination of accuracy, energy and musicality can prove irresistible.”

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