“Gloriously open sound”: Hi-Fi World reviews Audio Analogue’s Puccini Anniversary amplifier

Audio Analogue’s hefty yet stripped-down audiophile amplifier may not be for everyone, but it is definitely “an amplifier worth hearing,” says Hi-Fi World’s editor Noel Keywood. 

“This stripped down amplifier is a speciality product,” admits Keywood. It’s true that this isn’t an integrated amp you’d call ‘feature-laden’, but that’s rather the point of this purist design.

The Puccini Anniversary (so called because it was launched to mark the brand’s twentieth year) is a fully dual-mono design. The oversized 700VA transformer, together with three pairs of power transistors for each channel, enable it to effortlessly deliver 80W into 8 ohms, rising to 300W into 2 ohms, thus allowing the amp to drive even the most difficult of loads. So it’s no surprise that this is an amp that’s big on both size and weight. It’s also a zero global feedback design “suggesting sound like that of a valve amplifier.”

“This is a very, very, very good sounding amplifier… Whatever I played through the Puccini Anniversary, I was greeted by a powerful yet open sound that was both lovely and exciting at the same time.”

Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary amplifier silver

So, while there may be no digital, no phonostage and just a few analogue line inputs, “In sound quality Audio Analogue’s Puccini Anniversary was impressive. This is an amplifier worth hearing: massively powerful bass, fast and tight yet with glorious sound staging.”

Read the full review in the March 2020 issue of Hi-Fi World.

Find out more at www.audioanalogue.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk