New Hi-Fi Choice Top 100: Exposure, Furutech and Townshend among “pick of the best”

“Selecting the component you want to audition is never easy,” says Hi-Fi Choice. But help is at hand with the magazine’s new regular buying guide: the monthly Top 100 features “our pick of the best to pass through our respected reviewing process.”

Exposure XM7 & XM9s in titanium

Exposure XM7/XM9 pre/power amplifiers

“Fast, open and three dimensional,” says the magazine of Exposure’s XM9 pairing of power amps. “Partnered with the XM7 preamp/DAC, Exposure’s house sound means a fulsome bass, midband detail and smooth yet spacious treble.”

Exposure XM CD player – titanium

Exposure XM CD

Exposure’s “highly likeable” half-width compact disc player offers “energetic, lively sound, dynamic light and shade and charming character.”

Discover more about the award-winning XM series: compact in size yet big on sound and features

Furutech Roxy power cable

Furutech Roxy power cable

“Connecting the Roxy to a source component immediately removes a layer of glare and ‘glint’ from the sound,” write reviewers. “Tonally it’s darkly translucent instead of shiny-white gloss, allowing the listener to hear more into the music and appreciate the space between the notes.”

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ADL Stratos

ADL Stratos

Sister company of Furutech, ADL’s (Alpha Design Labs) Stratos is more than just a DAC. Affectionately known as the ‘Swiss army knife of hi-fi’, it’s also a preamplifier, a phonostage and a headphone amplifier – all in one small, portable box. “Remarkably flexible at the price, the Stratos offers an impressively wide-reaching range of features without compromising sound quality,” says Hi-Fi Choice. “The soundstage is wide open with a refined presentation, delicate details are reproduced with breath-taking accuracy and instrument separation and location are absolutely spot on.”

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Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium

Townshend Audio’s Seismic Isolation Podium

“Placing your loudspeaker on to a Seismic Isolation Podium is a revelation,” write reviewers. “The way it completely removes its interaction with its surroundings is mind blowing, brining clarity to the entire frequency range, enabling it to communicate far more effectively.”

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Read the full Top 100 in the February 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.