“The most insightful amplifier we’ve reviewed in years” says What Hi-Fi of Ayre Acoustics’ KX-R Twenty / VX-R Twenty pre/power combo

“What is the best amplifier in the world – and does such a thing even exist?” asks What Hi-Fi. Well, much depends on your definition of ‘best’.  “But if sonic honesty and engineering integrity are anywhere near the top of your priorities,” says the magazine, “we think this Ayre pre/power pairing is in with a strong shout.” 

“These Ayre products make a great first impression,” write reviewers as they take the amps out of their packaging and note “a deeply impressive feeling of structural solidity.”

Once set up and ready for listening, “While it doesn’t take long to recognize that this is a reference-quality amplifier, it takes a lot longer to pin down its sonic character. This Ayre pairing is the closest we’ve heard to that mythical ‘straight wire with gain’ ideal that hi-fi purists bang on about.”

Awarding a full five stars for every parameter, review concludes that “There’s no denying that the KX-R Twenty / VX-R Twenty combo’s price puts it into dreamland territory for most, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated for its extraordinary abilities. If you have the bank balance and an appropriate system, we can’t recommend this pre/power too highly.”

Read the full review online at https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/ayre-acoustics-kx-r-twenty-vx-r-twenty

Discover more at www.ayre.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk