“Blown away”: Hi-Fi Choice gets very excited about Exposure’s VXN active crossover with Kudos Audio’s Titan 505 loudspeakers

What do you get if you cross “a luxury loudspeaker and a high-end active crossover”? Kudos Audio’s Titan 505 and Exposure’s VXN analogue crossover “come together with extraordinary effect”. Hi-Fi Choice reviewer Ed Selley is “utterly smitten”. 

By upgrading your loudspeakers using an external active crossover, which by-passes the speakers’ internal passive crossovers, you can optimise your amplifiers’ output and greatly improve your speakers’ performance.

Exposure VXN crossover and power supply

Exposure Electronics’ new VXN crossover has initially been developed for active operation with Kudos Audio’s top-of-range loudspeakers. Kudos’ flagship Titan series, as well as the ‘Super’ models in its Cardea series, are all configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation, opening up a wider upgrade path and enabling a variety of performance enhancing capabilities. Exposure’s VXN active crossovers can also be tailored to suit other loudspeaker brands. What’s more, they can be applied not only to Exposure’s own award-winning electronics, but potentially to any pre/power amplifier combination.

Hi-Fi Choice reviewer Ed Selley partnered Kudos’ compact standmount Titan 505 loudspeakers with Exposure’s (equally compact) XM7 preamplifier and four XM9 mono amplifiers – plus of course the VXN active crossover.

“It’s a busy box count with seven separate units requiring six mains power sockets plus considerable cabling,” he notes. But then he swiftly concludes, “if you’re on the fence as to whether this collection of components is worthwhile, the first listen quickly dispels any sense of doubt.”

“The key word that crops up time and time again in my notes is ‘immediacy’. Regardless of the tempo of the music being played, there is an effortless speed and dynamic flow that underpins everything it does.”

“It is admirably responsive to any changes in source equipment too,” he adds, moving from CD player to DAC.

“I am utterly smitten by what this Kudos Audio / Exposure system can do. It doesn’t so much tick the subjective boxes of what I want a hi-fi system to deliver as write an entire manifesto on it…. based on the phenomenal demonstration of its abilities here, the benefits of going active are too impressive to ignore.”

Read the full review in the March 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

Discover more at www.exposurehifi.com and kudosaudio.com