“Among the world’s finest”: HiFi World samples Furutech’s DSS-4.1 speaker cable

Furutech’s by-the-metre, off-the-reel DSS-4.1 loudspeaker cable is designed for the demanding listener, whether destined for the professional studio or the home listening room. HiFi World hears the difference it makes.

Furutech’s top-tier DSS-4.1 features the company’s superb and unique ‘OCC-DUCC’ conductors, constructed using a combination of the company’s own renowned Alpha-treated Ohno Cast Copper (OCC) with Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper (DUCC) developed by the Materials division of Mitsubishi – a leading manufacturer of the highest-purity oxygen-free copper in the world.

Furutech DSS-4.1 loudspeaker cable – structure diagram

The Mitsubishi DUCC conductor begins with an extremely pure oxygen-free copper, which is processed using new technology designed to optimally align the conductor’s crystals while also reducing the number of crystal-grain boundaries, resulting in a tremendously efficient conductor.

Furutech’s OCC conductor, meanwhile, offers the benefit of larger and more ‘fibrous’    crystals, in which one dimension is longer than the other two, so as to create as few crystal junctions as possible. Again, since the copper molecules / crystals that make up the conductor wire are elongated in the direction of the conductor, fewer crystal boundaries occur within any length of wire.

“Compared to my existing cables, orchestral material, even from Radio 3 broadcasts, sounded noticeably more open and cleaner,” writes reviewer Martin Pipe. “With well recorded rock material, improved treble clarity was evident. Bass tautness and definition proved to be even greater beneficiaries.”

“These refinements were noted with upper mid-range hi-fi; I wonder what might be achievable with truly high-end kit.”

“The DSS-4.1 cables must surely rank among the world’s finest.”

Read the full review in the April 2020 issue of Hi-Fi World

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