“Right on the money”: Hi-Fi News reviews Dan Clark Audio’s Aeon 2 Open headphone

Dan Clark Audio, formerly known as Mr Speakers, recently released a new version of its Aeon planar magnetic open and closed headphones. Hi-Fi News test drives the Aeon 2 Open.

These are not easy headphones to mistake, write reviewers Keith Howard and Christopher Breunig. “Among the plethora of models with round, rectangular or elliptical capsules, they are rare in having capsules that are ear-shaped…. well done Dan Clark for seeing the obvious and making it work; I hope it proves to be an object lesson for the rest of the headphone industry.”

“As a result of its genuinely circumaural earpads, broad headband, fairly low weight and modest head clamping force, this is a very comfortable headphone to wear.”

“Principal changes to the design include an updated driver structure which is flipped by 180o to remove flow disturbance by the magnets between the diaphragm and ear; superior driver damping; and new voicing.”

“The spacious and insightful sound is right on the money… the really big moment where I truly bonded with the Aeon 2s came with the huge orchestra Richard Strauss employed for his Alpine Symphony… I was hooked and stayed with the piece to its final ‘Nacht’ some 15 minutes later.”

And what of the Aeon 2 Closed? Well, they were recently described as “a new benchmark for mid-priced high-end headphones” by Hi-Fi Plus magazine.

Read the full review of the Aeon 2 Open n the April 2020 issue of Hi-Fi News

Discover more at www.danclarkaudio.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.electromod.co.uk