Magnepan’s new high-end ‘appetizer’ – the uber-auditionable LRS loudspeaker


If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to enter the realm of Magnepan’s superb flat panel, planar magnetic loudspeakers, then look no further. The new Magneplanar LRS (‘Little Ribbon Speaker’) is just your ticket.

For some years, Magnepan has helped USA-based customers to ease their way into the world of ‘Maggies’ (as fans affectionately like to call the brand’s loudspeakers) by offering one or two more compact and affordable entry-level models for direct purchase from Magnepan HQ. The idea was to offer an ‘appetizer’ program aimed at tempting customers who loved what they heard to subsequently move up the range (or not, if their budget and / or room size was a limiting factor). Initially, most customers getting started had modestly-priced amplifiers, so Magnepan’s earlier ‘appetizer’ models had some performance limitations since they were designed to accommodate these relatively lower power amps.

The new LRS, however, while still small in stature, aims much higher in performance. What’s more, it also extends its geographic reach and is now available to customers in UK.

While Magnepan’s previous entry-level offerings were a sample taken from the lower end of what Magneplanars can do, the LRS is a sample taken from the upper end of what they can do. You see, if you want to hear the ‘real’ Magnepan sound (and why wouldn’t you), you can’t just partner a Magneplanar with any old amplifier. So the LRS is designed to deliver that ‘real’ Magnepan sound, right from the entry level. The downside: you need a decent system, and to spend a bit of time on set-up. The upside: you get that ‘real’ Magnepan sound, within budget and room size.

The LRS is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker that was created from the ground up to give you a pretty good idea what to expect from the brand’s flagship 20.7 or 30.7 models. It was designed using high-end electronics and mono blocks, so while it will still perform nicely with an integrated amp, it will really give you what you came for with some high-end, high-current amplification – which is a radical departure from most entry-level loudspeakers.

“Once you have tried a Magneplanar in your home, we know that the probability is high that you will be a life-long Maggie enthusiast,” says the company.

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PRESS RELEASE Magnepan’s new high-end ‘appetizer’ – the uber-auditionable LRS loudspeaker

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