“Ingenious, impressive…”: StereoNet gets up close and personal with Dan Clark Audio’s Aeon 2 open and closed headphones

“In my book, these are perhaps the finest planar headphones available for the audiophile on the go right now,” says Jay Garrett, editor of online magazine www.stereonet.co.uk. And, “having the option of closed or open-backed variants is a really smart move, I think.”

“The open version naturally has the winning hand where soundstaging is concerned, and at giving some frequencies the space needed not to become tiresome,” adds Garrett in his May 2020 review. “However, the closed version is an impressive performer in its own right… light and comfortable to wear – yet sonically a match for its open sibling in most respects.”

And the smart moves don’t stop there. “The ingenious earcup yoke gimbal folds in on itself, meaning that these full-sized headphones can pack away into one of the smallest cases I’ve seen for any high-end design.”

“They have a high-quality look and feel, and I never felt self-conscious when wearing them in the office or on the commute, which can happen with larger-bodied designs.”

And the all-important sound quality? “Planar headphones are generally sought out by those looking for low distortion and lightning-fast transient response. Well, you can tick both of these off the Dan Clark shopping list. As well as impressive leading-edge handling and a natural controlled decay, the Aeon 2 delivers a subtly warm and dark tonal character with remarkable bass extension. Additionally, there is a good deal of slam, which is no mean feat considering the size of the transducers working behind the scenes.”

Read Jay Garrett’s review in full online at www.stereonet.co.uk

Discover more at danclarkaudio.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.electromod.co.uk