Hi-Fi Plus Editor’s Choice Awards 2020: Kronos Pro reference turntable

In which Hi-Fi Plus editor Alan Sircom “found the Kronos to be one of the quietest turntables he’d ever heard” and concludes that it “joins a very small, very illustrious set of turntables that do it all and do it well.”

The Kronos turntable is the brainchild of Canadian Louis Desjardins, based in Montreal. When Desjardins first launched his design in 2014, the plan was to issue a limited run of just 250 units. But then the rave reviews came in, followed by the awards hailing the Kronos as ‘one of the world’s finest turntables’ and so it would perhaps have seemed churlish to stop there.

To this day, the company focuses on just two models: the Kronos Pro and the smaller, upgradeable Kronos Sparta.

Kronos Pro

The first thing that distinguishes a Kronos turntable is its two equal mass platters rotating opposite each other. Desjardins calls this “the dual platter counter-rotating revolution”. The aim is to eliminate the vibration-inducing torque force present in suspended turntables. The result of this design is a suspended platform that’s particularly well isolated from environmental and mechanical noise, and particularly adept at maintaining unequalled stability. The difference that dynamic stabilization makes is clearly audible.

“The absence of noise floor has been one of the biggest initial attractors of the Kronos among high-enders,” writes Sircom. “The end result is the sort of absence of background noise that isn’t normally associated with even excellent vinyl replay.”

Discover more at www.kronosaudio.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk

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