“Open and shut case”: Hi-Fi Choice recommends Dan Clark Audio’s Aeon 2 Closed headphones

“The Aeon 2 is a timely update to the Aeon Flow, which proved to be so impressive back in [a review in issue 435],” says Hi-Fi Choice. It offers “impressive bass, detailed soundstaging and supreme comfort.”  

“The most immediate characteristic is the pinpoint and detailed soundstaging… listening to the Storm movement of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, the drums have a huge impact. Every tiny inflection in the violins is clean and distinct, while it’s easy to follow the interplay between the different players.”

“For those that like their lower frequencies, the impressive bass extension is a real boon.”

“With it’s 2m cable and neat folding action for easy storage, it would appear that the Aeon 2 Closed is best suited to listening to music on the move and its comfortable earpads and lightweight design will certainly make your journey a congenial one.”

“At this price this deserves to be on your audition list.”

Discover more at danclarkaudio.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor http://www.electromod.co.uk

Read the full review in the May 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.