“Perfectly shocking”: The Audiophile Man reviews both the open and closed versions of Dan Clark Audio’s Aeon 2 headphones

Paul Rigby, editor of online website The Audiophile Man, has seen pretty much everything that the hi-fi world has to offer over the years. Can anything surprise him, then? Turns out it can. “A lot.” 

Let’s start with appearances. “The Aeon 2 is notable by the shape of its slender earcups. Svelte in appearance with a touch of the Art Decos around the style lines, the ear cups look like a concept model. The sort that you admire but you’re not actually supposed to use in real life.”

Except that you can and do, since usabilty is a key strength here. “The [headphone] collapses into a compact unit that can easily be stored within the included zipper case. This unit is now truly portable.” And “I found the Aeon 2 headphones, on my whopping great head size, ultimately a comfortable experience.”

Rigby’s listening tests begin with a vinyl version of Greenslade’s Time and Tide, a prog combo of organ, analogue synths, percussion, electric and bass guitar, and background vocal harmonies later in the track. He starts with the open-backed model  before moving on to the closed – which is where the biggest surprise came in.

“I normally always go for open-backed headphones because I look for upper midrange detail and insight, first and foremost. Here, though, I’d plump for the closed-backed designs to give me more of that, which surprised me. A lot.”

As did both models’ sense of authority. “Everything that the Aeon2s did was an intention. These headphones never had a suck-it-and-see approach. They constructed sound, they built it and formed a sonic structure.”

“Sound quality was balanced and poised to produce a bit of everything here.

What the Aeon 2 headphones do is not to emphasise any one frequency. They, in fact, threaten to please all the people, all of the time. Which is perfectly shocking, let me tell you.”

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