The best amplifier in the world? Ayre Acoustics’ KX-R Twenty & VX-R Twenty pre/power pairing is “in with a strong shout” says What Hi-Fi

In the latest issue of What Hi-Fi, the magazine’s review team gives us the best of the best: “the pick of the kit that, while undeniably expensive, we yearn to own”. These are the products that have come through the magazine’s test rooms and “have simply blown us away.” Among them is “arguably the most transparent and honest amplifier we’ve ever tested.” 

“What is the value of music?” asks What Hi-Fi editor Jonathan Evans, acknowledging that in our current world of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s become clear that music is a hugely important part of many people’s lives.

Next question, “What is the best amplifier in the world?” Answer: “If sonic honesty and engineering integrity are anywhere near the top of your priorities… this Ayre pre/power pairing is in with a strong shout.”

Carved from a solid billet of aluminium, each product is this range-topping duo has “a luxury aura” and “a deeply impressive feeling of structural solidity. The quality of fit and finish is excellent”.

As for the sound quality, starting with Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, the review team “fall under the pre/power’s spell immediately”.

Inevitably, a range-topping price tag will always set the bar high, “raising expectations to the point where nothing less than exceptional amplification ability is acceptable. That this Ayre combination matches and then exceeds those expectations is a testament to the scale of its sonic talent.”

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