Magneplanar 0.7

“Extraordinary sound quality”: Hi-Fi World says the Magneplanar .7 “is a loudspeaker you should know about”

What do you do if you covet Magnepan’s soaring flat panel loudspeakers but don’t have the largest of listening rooms? “We hear you”, said the Minnesota-based brand, and created the .7 (‘point seven’), a scaled down version of its acclaimed 1.7 model. Hi-Fi World editor Noel Keywood thinks this is “easily the best loudspeaker available” at it price point and urges you to give it a listen.

“Magneplanar’s new .7 is a loudspeaker that you really should hear,” writes Keywood. “[It] has extraordinary sound quality, yet UK distributor Decent Audio are asking just £1,995 for a pair.” This is “a loudspeaker like few others” and one “you should know about.”

The company’s 1.7 model, on which the smaller .7 is based, is what you’d call a tough act to follow.  Hailed by the audiophile press as a landmark design, its initial launch caused quite a stir. “Not just the Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade”, said The Absolute Sound, while over on CNET, US reviewer Steve Guttenberg described the 1.7 as “one of the greatest speakers of our new century”.

Keywood is similarly impressed by the .7: “[It] makes a strong argument for the panel loudspeaker… so good I would bill it as a step up on the traditional box loudspeaker.”

Like the 1.7, the .7 is a full-range quasi ribbon design, American-made with virtually all American-made parts. The key differences lie in its slightly smaller dimensions and the fact that it is a two-way rather a three-way design.

As Keywood notes, since the 0.7 has a smaller bass diaphragm, the bass will be less than that of the 1.7 if it is used it in a larger room. However, Magnepan has this covered: their optional add-on Magneplanar Bass Panel offers the flexibility to add bass diaphragm area to fit the needs of any room.

“From the off [these speakers] had a devastatingly
clear sound with almost rudely absent overhang and muddle between notes. In fact, they had a gloriously pure quality quite beyond box loudspeakers.”

“I was beyond impressed, the .7 is ahead of most loudspeakers, whatever their price.”

“It is very obviously a step up on all around it in terms of clarity, smoothness and insight. Stereo sound staging and image sharpness are also better than all other loudspeakers at this price.”

“The .7 is easily the best loudspeaker available at £1,995 and it would be in contention for that title at £10,000. Well worth hearing.”

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