Hi-Fi News on the “tantalising drivers” of Raidho’s TD2.2 loudspeaker

“Raidho tales its name from Norse mythology and the ‘journey of life’ and in the right system these TD2.2 floorstanders have every chance of completing your path to the ultimate hi-fi experience,” says Andrew Everard and Paul Miller in the July issue of Hi-Fi News.

It’s the smallest of four floorstanders in the brand’s new TD range and is a 2.5-way design. (The range also includes the TD1.2 standmount)

The bass and midbass drive units in the range not only improve on the company’s unique C-Series Ceramix drivers, but also on its advanced D-Series Diamond units. ‘TD’ stands for Tantalum-Diamond, tantalum being a rare, dense and inert metal with excellent acoustical properties. These are partnered with an upgraded version of Raidho’s innovative and justifiably famous ‘pseudo-ribbon’ tweeter.

Raidho TD-2.2

As you would expect from Raidho, the series showcases a veritable raft of superb construction details, from the substantial baffle which is carefully angled to optimize the speaker’s impulse alignment, to the fully integrated solid alloy base with “extremely neat” feet featuring ceramic balls to provide internal decoupling.

And then there’s the generous complement of additional options on offer: “the kind of personalization list you might expect on an upscale car,” from black aluminium trim fins to matching screws, from ‘diamond’ feet to a custom paint finish.

“These TD2.2s very rapidly came on song to deliver a robust but exquisitely composed sound.” “The pseudo-ribbon tweeter was seamlessly integrated with the new ‘stiffer’ bass and midbass units” in a “joined-up performance where a firm and extended bass meets an insightful midrange and deliciously creamy, airy treble.”

“It seems very clear from their sophisticated and informative sound that the TD2.2s are, indeed, the product of much development and, I suspect, even more listening tests… An extended personal audition is a must.”

Read the full review in the July 2020 issue of Hi-Fi News

Discover more at raidho.dk and find your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk