“Blown away”: StereoNet reviews Magnepan’s ‘budget’ LRS loudspeaker

“Real budget esoterica is few and far between,” says audiophile, gifted violinist and hi-fi reviewer Rafael Todes. And US brand Magnepan’s quasi-ribbon LRS (‘Little Ribbon Speaker’) loudspeaker “properly fits the bill”. 

“A few years back, I reviewed Magnepan’s 3.7i loudspeaker and was blown away,” writes Todes. “The list price of £7,000 had me thinking impure thoughts of robbing banks – deliciously fast, impactful and very real, it was an amazing thing to hear. Now though, perhaps I may not need to after all – because the new £995 Little Ribbon Speaker is a fraction of the price and still provokes similar emotions in me.”

Magnepan LRS for Stereonet

While the 3.7i referred to stands almost two metres tall and just over 60cm wide, the LRS, while not quite ‘small’ by most people’s standards, is a more room-friendly 1.2 metres by 37cm. It’s a full-range, quasi-ribbon speaker that was created from the ground up to give listeners a pretty good taster of what one might expect from Magnepan’s flagship models. It was designed using high-end electronics and mono blocks, so while it will still perform nicely with an integrated amp, it will really give you what you came for with some high-end, high-current amplification – which is a radical departure from most entry-level loudspeakers.

“I first heard it at Bristol’s Sound and Vision show in February of this year, and assumed the cost was ten times this actual amount, then did a double-take when I saw the price tag,” says Todes. “Editor-in-chief David Price tells me he had exactly the same experience at StereoNET’s Melbourne Hi-Fi Show last November!”

On the flip side, “this inspired budget speaker will hook you right into the Magnepan brand, which could eventually seriously damage your wealth!”

Read the complete review online at www.stereonet.co.uk/reviews/magnepan-lrs-loudspeakers-review

Discover more at www.magnepan.com

The Magnepan LRS is available now, from www.hifisound.co.uk and a select number of independent retailers. Contact UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk for details.